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  1. Mixed types, like basic types, do not alter the breeding outcome in any way. The only thing that differentiates mixed types from basic types is the fact that pure standard dragons of mixed types can be created by combining other types.
    There are several non-standard pure dragons with mixed types that must be acquired under other conditions. Crafting, goal completion, prizes, or special breeding requirements may apply.
    Currently, the only mixed type is Purple, and its standard dragon is the Magic Dragon. To create a standard dragon of the Purple type, one parent must contribute Red while the other parent must contribute Blue during breeding. The types must come directly from the parents' types without any minor type splitting.
  2. Your attack is a random number determined by the game completely out of your control. The same roll affects your damage, the enemy's damage, and whether or not your dragon will land a critical attack.

    Your regular damage = 25 + (rand 0 - 8)
    Your critical damage = 60 + (rand 0 - 100)
    Enemy regular damage = 34 + (rand 0 - 15)
    A critical allows you to deal max dam for that attack.

    Critical max is derived from the crit bonus with the following formula:
    Critical max = floor (1000 * (1 - (1 - Crit bonus)^(1/3)))

    The attack roll is subject to a floor operation, - the value is rounded down to the nearest whole number (Ex: 3.9 = 3). If your attack roll falls under the critical max, then your dragon will deal a critical attack. This means that the higher your critical max, the better your chances of rolling a critical attack. You are not guaranteed to roll a critical attack unless you use an Ultimate move, which will automatically grant you a critical attack regardless of random factors.
  3. Since both dragons have 100 health and the numbers are stacked in favor of the enemy dragon, it is impossible for you to win without a critical hit (and that a single critical hit will guarantee your victory):
    With the min damage of 34 per turn, the enemy dragon will always beat your dragon in 3 attacks (34 * 3 = 102).
    With the max damage of 33 per turn, your dragon will never beat the enemy dragon with three non-crit attacks (33 * 3 = 99).
    With the max damage of 49 per turn, the enemy dragon can never beat your dragon in 2 attacks (49 * 2 = 98).
    With the min damage of 60 for a single crit and the minimum damage of 25 for two normal attacks, your dragon can always beat the enemy dragon in three total hits (60 + 25 + 25 = 110).
    Since your dragon moves first and the enemy dragon will never score a critical hit, your dragon will always get three chances to score a critical hit. Thus, winning is all about whether or not you can score a critical hit within three turns.
  4. +++ is usually Killed in one blow
    ++ is a Critical (big) hit
    + is a good hit, some may use it for criticals - I wouldn't

    The percentages people use are athe chance to get a critical hit.
    You need One Critical hit to win the battle (although it may take all 3 rounds)

    Paying (12 gold outside Tournaments and 30 gold during Tournament) for an ultimate hit guarantees a critical hit - and therefore a win.
  5. Type advantages
    Enemy Type Use Avoid Using
    Red Yellow, Blue, Stone, Tropic, Champion Green, Dino, Zodiac, Metal
    Green Red, Mythic, Dino, Gemstone, Royal, Champion Purple, Black, Stone, Royal
    Yellow Pink, Black, Cosmic, Zodiac, Champion Red, Blue, Gold
    Blue Yellow, Purple, Rainbow, Gemstone, Champion, Metal Red, White, Stone
  6. Type advantages
    Enemy Type Use Avoid Using
    Purple Green, Pink, Gold, Zodiac, Royal, Champion Blue, White, Cosmic
    White Blue, Purple, Stone, Rainbow, Champion, Egypt Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Royal
    Pink Black, Gold, Fairytale, Gemstone, Champion Yellow, Purple, Mythic, Royal
    Black Green, White, Cosmic, Rainbow, Royal, Champion, Egypt Yellow, Pink, Fairytale, Gemstone
    Diamond Diamond Gold, Gemstone, Metal
    Mythic White, Pink, Fairytale, Dino, Champion Green, Rainbow, Zodiac, Tropic, Egypt
  7. Type advantages
    Enemy Type Use Avoid Using
    Cosmic Purple, White, Champion Yellow, Black, Fairytale, Zodiac
    Gold Yellow, Diamond, Champion, Metal Purple, Pink, Rainbow, Royal, Egypt
    Fairytale Black, Cosmic, Zodiac, Royal, Champion Pink, Mythic, Rainbow, Tropic
    Stone Green, Blue, Tropic, Royal, Champion, Egypt Red, White, Dino
    Dino Red, Stone, Tropic, Champion Green, Cosmic, Gemstone
    Rainbow Mythic, Gold, Fairytale, Champion Blue, White, Black, Tropic, Metal
    Gemstone Diamond, Black, Dino, Champion Green, Blue, Pink, Royal
    Zodiac Red, Mythic, Cosmic, Champion, Metal Yellow, Purple, Fairytale
  8. Type advantages
    Enemy Type Use Avoid Using
    Tropic Mythic, Fairytale, Rainbow, Champion Red, Stone, Dino
    Royal White, Pink, Gold, Gemstone, Champion Green, Purple, Black, Stone, Fairytale, Egypt
    Ice Age Abominable, Champion Blizzard
    Abominable Blizzard, Champion Ice Age
    Blizzard Ice Age, Champion Abominable
    Champion Type has no effect here Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Pink, Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Gold, Fairytale, Stone, Dino, Rainbow, Gemstone, Zodiac, Tropic, Royal, Ice Age, Abominable, Blizzard, Champion
    Metal Type has no effect here Type has no effect here
    Egypt Type has no effect here Type has no effect here
  9. During a Battle, players can select from 3 attacks each turn.
    The battle is turn-based, meaning your opponent will only attack after you do. Every dragon has a magic attack corresponding to their primary element (each with a unique particle effect!), a Bash attack, and the Ultimate Attack.
    *The Ultimate Attack costs 12 gold outside of tournaments and guarantees a critical hit.
    This is for players who want to pay to ensure victory. At other times, the Bash and Magic attacks are your primary weapons.
    Whether you use Bash or Magic does not affect the final outcome (only random rolls do), so choose whichever one you prefer.

    Losing a match exhausts your dragon. Exhausted dragons cannot participate in breeding, trading, evolving, questing, or battling. They will still produce coins and can be fed.
    *Exhausted Dragons can be healed with the new Healing Spring Building available in the Market. While healing, dragons cannot participate in any activities and will not produce coins.
  10. Rarity
    The game compares your dragon's rarity score to the enemy's rarity score. As such, it is very important to choose as rare a dragon as possible. The higher your dragon's rarity score is relative to the enemy dragon's rarity score, the less points you lose from your crit bonus.
    There are five different rarity tiers. They are listed below in ascending order of effectiveness.
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