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  1. The 2 Tables below are in this post for quoting
  2. During Events keep eggs on your nest/s.
    Buy extra nest/s if you can.
    But careful not to get stuck with eggs on your nest when your den is ready. It locks your den from getting on to the next breed.

    My other table is a guide only, intended to show what is achievable to me.

    Egg Hours/Items Buy Sell Cost per Item
    Air 2 2500 250 1125
    Olympus 7 300000 100 42843
    Light 9 150000 100 16656
    Water 12 10000 1000 750
  3. Per Action / Hour Max Per 24 hrs Realistic Examples Variations
    Quest 4/4 24 16 8am, 12pm, 5pm, 9pm
    Decoration (1) 4/4 24 16 Trophies Buy Extras
    Hatch (1 Nest) 1 / hr / egg 24 20 afk allowance Buy more Nests. Fill with Air 2, Light 9, Water 12
    Harvest (7 Farms) 1 / hr / farm 168 161 8am (5), 1pm (5), 6pm (5), 11pm (8), 5 hr crops
    Fight 1 24 1 1 wins /day Sometimes 2 per in tourney
    Per Day 264 214
    14 Days 3696 2996
  4. Tournaments Every 2 weeks - around 2:30am on a Wednesday Morning (to be verified / Australian Time)

    Mini Tournament seems to be Fridays in the off weeks

  5. Always Sync your device to make sure your win is registered on the server.
    Arctic Isles or a neighbor, at the very least collect coins and wait for the coin animation.
  6. Tournament Tips:

    I will often post top dragons chances to defeat certain opponents. Search in the thread for "Epics vs xxxxx" where xxxx is the dragon you're trying to defeat.
    The percentages I list are for using a Level 9 or 10, and are always relevant to the enemy level in that particular Tournament.

    Rounds 20/25/30 are often the hardest rounds. 20/25 reward Gold and 30 rewards the Prize Dragon. 26 to 29 are usually Diamond Hybrids. So it gets uglier after 20.

    One strategy is to save at least 90 Gold and use it on those 3.

    IMO anyone without a champion should save their gold for a Tournament that has a Champion - especially a Super Rare. Even using Ultimate on 10 rounds - 300 is cheap versatility.

  7. Bash or Magic makes no difference

    Amount of damage makes no difference, it's either critical or it's not - you are just looking for one of your 3 hits to be a critical hit.

    The % chance of getting a critical hit is what I (and some others) keep posting.

    At the end of the day you can increase your chances to a certain percentage and then it is ENTIRELY luck.

    The sooner you accept that the less aggravated you will get about what dragon or what attack you use.
  8. A minor type is a type that can split during breeding into its component types. When a minor type splits, it adds its component types to the pool. If it does not split, the pool is unaltered.

    Minor types may only split if they are not alone in the pool. This means that, during breeding, the parents have to contribute a total of at least two types in order for a minor type to split, altering the pool. If a minor type is alone in the pool, it does not alter the pool, but in exchange, it can introduce pure dragons of its component types as offspring
  9. Chocolate with Tiny will contribute a total of two types: Pink and White. The Pink type may split into its component types, which are Red and White. Since this type splitting alters the pool, additional hybrid dragons will be possible with the addition of Red and White to the pool.

    Breeding Night with Night Elf will only contribute one type: Black. In this case, the Black will not split. Pure dragons of its component types (Blue and Purple) are added to the possible offspring results, but since the pool is not altered, no hybrids will be possible.

    Note , to breed a standard of a minor type, the component types must come directly from the parents' types without splitting, You cannot get Virtue by breeding a Mythic with Light , even though Mythic possesses Red as a component.

    When traded, dragons with Minor types leave behind the gemstones of its component types, excluding the Virtue and Night , who can turn into Quartz or Onyx, respectively.
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