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    Hi Sophiesonsters, I had to split my message because it's so long - good grief!! Below is the rest. I'm just so fired up, frustrated and a loss as to how we can set this game to be fair.

    They could also see if the gold being spent coincides with what the player earns in gold or spends in gold.
    Sorry this is so long but I'm pretty pissed off.
    Bingo is affected as well. Two weeks in a row this top person has thousands of points right from the start. Visited their island - only one nest, breeding den, evolve and only the nest was full! No way this is right. I've seen one player's islands covered by the habitat bought from 1600 essence. Like 50 or more.
    Sorry, no way they managed that without a cheat.
    Thanks for letting me vent. I wish I knew how to get Storm8 to put a stop to this.
    Hope you have a nice weekend😊
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    I'm glad to read your posts pointing out the blatant cheating and unleveled playing field in this game. The mods seem to shut these posts down very quickly and in my mind don't seem to care.
    I doubt these players are spending money like Deadpixel believes, she's too honest to realize it. Along with obvious game advantages I think they have found ways to max out food and gold the same way they bypass limited items. I'm no computer wiz , so I don't know how but they are doing it. I wonder if it started as in "inside" cheat that spread to other players? Like the people who work for Storm8 know a way around it and shared with friends/family who play?
    So along with our struggle to compete in this environment we're supposed to be sending screen shots and "evidence" to support?
    There could have a team member use a search through the accounts and catch a lot of this. Surely there is a program they could create?
  3. Thanks everyone for your messages at least I know I’m not the only one that has noticed this, obviously we will have to continue contacting storm8 in the hopes they get their ass’s into gear and do something about this awful unfair situation ��������
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    Hi, thank you speaking up about this incredibly unfair game play situation. I've seen it too and can't believe Storm8 won't do something about it. They could start by auditing the accounts of all top, sharing the same spot Global winners. If they have more than 1 type of beast dragon everything else in multiples should be suspect. This would be easy as they are new elements to the game. These cheaters should be banned. It's disgusting and unbelievably greedy.
    Probably the only thing that would make them take notice is if the secret got out and their bottom line was affected. Anyway, thanks again.
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