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  1. Hi there,
    Have you heard anything as to weather Android will get an update this week for Fashion Story? It's Friday here in NZ and I'm wondering if it still may come through or not. Thank you for all your hard work. Edie.
  2. Hi there!
    I'm not sure exactly why there haven't been teasers - my best guess is that TL has been busy, and the people involved in creating the images for the teasers simply haven't had the time. There have been lulls in teasers before, so I doubt they're stopping them entirely.
    The only way I've heard of being locked out of the games is people who have been banned, for breaking rules, harassing, etc. Maybe they meant that they got a new device, and didn't know how to transfer? As long as you're not doing mean things, I don't see why you would be banned from the games. And if you do ever get a new device, there are several ways to transfer all the games
  3. Hi there :-) Happy Smile! ♥
    I just have a couple of questions and thought I would try this way to get some sort of answers. 1/ What's happening with the teasers? Are we just not getting them any more?
    2/ I play BS, RS and my most favorite! Fashion Story. I was reading a neighbours wall in RS and it was about Team Lava locking you out of your games and making you start over, is this in any way true? I don't worry about levels etc... I just love my neighbours and remodeling my shops and I love update day. I am now worried I could get to FS one day and it will be shut down on me, so rather than worry I thought I would come and ask. I hate to think how much money I have sunk into those games and to think of it just going, boy you would hear me screaming from New Zealand to the These games do a lot for me and I enjoy them so much. Hope you can help answer these questions.
    Kindest Regards Edie :-) Happy Smile! ♥
  4. Hi ya :-)
    Sorry to bother you, but do you know why there have been no update teasers this week? Cheers Edie.
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