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  1. I didnt think it was a bad discussion either . I just wanted EVERYONE to know TL doesn't treat their customers very nice. Section J of the Terms of Service says they can DELETE anything, even stuff we ALREADY bought... even if we bought it with GEMS. I was trying to warn other players how bad TL treats us. But I can't just come out and say that, or they "remove" my post.

    I haerd people in Home Design lost gem decorations, I'm not sure if it's true though. I'm afraid it will happen in Bakery some day.
  2. Yes, I do have them except for Mince Pie. That's only because I ran out of time to complete the goal which is fine by be. It's okay. I don't think it was a bad discussion. I just think you didn't understand why I was trying to say which I think it was my fault.
  3. So, did you get the recipes back? Sorry I got the thread locked, I didn't know that was against the rules.
  4. I tried to send you a PM but you're full. Sorry.

    I have to add one more thing then I'm done.

    Did you notice that when they took everything of the games? People started complaining about how the goals recipes/items were suppose to stay, so once the TL staff heard about it. They brought it back because there was a misunderstanding on their side. This is why I meant by goals items/recipes are guaranteed to stay. It can be 2015 but I will have the option to buy them or cook the crops.
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