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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback! I will move the info on the fountain to the Building Guide now as I think we have all the drops captured. I'll cross reference drops when I have a bit of time to have 6 screens opened at once!

    The drops for the fountain are at the top of the thread under tips though if you want to see them.

    The Royal Maze is a bit of an anomaly as it has 2 names. Looks like I duplicated it but didn't move it, so I'll do that too!

    Yes you're right about me being organised! You should see my desk at work. Lol
  2. Hey SpiritWind! Thank you for all that you do! Much appreciated! :-)

    I was looking for information on what the new Glimmer Fountain, level 5 - drops, and I didn't see it listed in the resource building section that you posted. Skimmed the other sections, too, but still no luck. So far, I have only noticed it dropping glimmer dust. Obvious, right? But I just wanted verification that this is the only current drop.

    Also, Royal Maze is out of alphabetical order in the resource building section. You are so methodical and organized, I thought you would want to know.

    Again, thank you for all of your dedication and effort!

    JaymieB2 :-)
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