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  1. Having multi games can be beneficial as you can gift yourself something you need. Have you got your original game back? Happy it's all worked out for you!
  2. Now I see it.I thought that only works if you not enter new storm ID yet. thank you so much... have a nice day...
  3. It's the same as the instructions in the link. You either choose to have 2 games and switch between them through eg Bakery Story or transfer your game and only have 1 game. Read through the link and switch it over.
  4. bad news is I remember my password but missremember my old storm Id. so I accidentaly create new storm ID. when I remember its already too late, I cant change it. or do you know how to log out from game so I can enter the right storm id?
  5. Hi, if you know your password, you can transfer your account to your new phone yourself and it only takes about 3 minutes...

    Detailed instructions in the How To Use the Hub thread here:

    If you don't know your password (if you're using the same ID as here, ie Irma_Isle, it's the same password you use to log on here). Let me know if you have any questions, but lots of players have followed my instructions with 100% success rate!
  6. Hay SW... sorry to disturb you but change my phone and want to transfer my game and already submit email to storm8 a week ago but till today I have not receive any reply. I really want to join valentine event. can you help me please?
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