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  1. If it doesn't show up, it means it's not a working one.
    I don't see why... TeamLava/Storm8 (I don't know what to call them anymore) doesn't fix the problem and let us upload our own avatars. And I want a signature still and a clickable name.
  2. Yeah. I was an idiot and tried out the test avatar. I'm like, don't do it... Don't do it...
  3. That's so sad!
  4. It died... lol
  5. What happened to your avatar?
  6. I love bawpotter day!
  7. No prob. Take all the time you need.
  8. I will get you the picture later today. I'm slammed with work, but I'm on it!
  9. No problem!
  10. Read the message below. Sorry! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
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