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  1. Oh I didn't know it could get full! I'll empty it. Add my other account sweetfings. What would you most like to get gifted ?
  2. Your PM is full. I sent you another invite. I've asked a couple of good gifters to add it so I can gift them more regularly but they haven't . . .
  3. Ooohh exciting!
  4. No rumours. All I know is that they're working on it
  5. Are there any rumours about an update yet?
  6. Depends on how much you've got and what your strategy is. Are you afraid of losing them? If not I'd hold off till whenever the update is.
  7. Any ideas on what best to spend the gems on?
  8. I had almost 350 neighbours which is just silly. I wrote down all the names of people with no "hearts". Then for 3 days I checked who was sending me gifts, responding to help, or requesting stuff. Took those off the list. Then I went through the whole list again to see if anyone now did have stars. Everyone else got deleted. You can always post on your wall "took off non-playing neighbours. If I took you off by accident let me know". It takes some time but is worth it I think as I was spending too much time visiting neighbours!
  9. I'm finding it hard to workout who's stopped. I post asking them to let me know. Leave it for half a week or more. Haven't heard so I delete. And then they let me know. I feel so bad. I wish there was something on their portrait that changed when they hadn't played for a certain time.
  10. I stopped reading the boards all the time because I didn't want too many spoilers, and there was too much moaning! Just deleted almost 150 neighbours too who I think stopped playing.
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