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  1. Oh yah! Starting the new acct and not saving unless it had the right times! Sorry! You did! I must be tired! Or just plain forgetful!
  2. I thought I told you? About the half time breeding
  3. Oh! I thought you meant just now! How long ago was that? You should be ok, what exactly was it for, though?
  4. You don't remember the warning that they give me??
  5. Oh no! What happened?
  6. I already in trouble.. Lol
  7. Oh I don't mind! I got in trouble for it once, just didn't want them to come after you!
  8. I didn't know lol
  9. Shhhhh! Can't make a game for gold in the forum threads! If we want to do that it has to be in pms or vms.
  10. Yeah, she is playing DS. Lol. Started so early!
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