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  1. Hi,
    I'm not sure if this will still be available, but I just read that the pearl pony has accidentally become available for breeding! This has been an accident and will probably b fixed quite quickly.
    But if you have the pearl pony and it's still in your breeding list then use it with an other animal with 2 different elements to the pony and the odds of you getting a crystal unicorn is much much higher than previous chances. It's not an automatic guarantee but is a definite possibility. I got my second crystal unicorn when they made the land of the dead animals (skeletal stead and sugar skull glider) breedable to get the 3rd animal (dead wing) I got that pretty quickly so used my stead with its skull element to get my unicorn. I got it on my second attempt.
    Good luck!
    Hope this post was helpful!
    (I feel I got a bit rambly!)
  2. Hi again :-)
    Thank you for your reply. It's a pity we cannot breed with amimals that have unique elements. The problem in my case is that I still cannot get my crystal unicorn, despite having tried for a few years now. I had a faint hope that I might use Ophiuchus. Well, I need to keep on trying :-)
    Thank you once again!
  3. Hi there.
    No, I'm afraid you can't breed with it . Because it has the unique element of zodiac it won't allow you to use for breeding.
    All of my gem hybrids I have gotten through using my crystal unicorn and then an other standard animal that I have. I tend to use an animal with two elements as well as, although you will likely get more fails as outcomes, you can try for more than one hybrid if that makes sense? If not let me know!
    Good luck on your zodiac quest!
  4. Hi Silverrain1,
    I'm sorry for bothering you, but I cannot find the right thread and I have a question concerning Opchiuhus. Through your post I can see that you have already earned yours :-)) Congrats! Is it possible to breed Opchiuhus with other animals? Have you ever obtained any Legendary animal that way?
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