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  1. Hi buttabdullah. I'm sorry I missed your message. The notification thing is so small that I don't notice it. Guess I should just get in the habit of looking there when I'm on the forum. Glad you got Taurus. These Zodiacs are being very difficult to breed. I hope you have more good luck with them. I'm going to keep trying for Virgo until it goes away for the second time on Friday. I'm not buying gold and won't spend any of my reserve to speed up the breeding process. Oh well, win some, lose some, as they say.
  2. Hello Zummat,
    How are u buddy 😃👍👍
    I am finally getting ziodac dragon after about 2 or 3 months of random trying I am finally getting Taurus with diamond/Leo 12 hrs thought its water but got big surprise 😍😍💃💃😃✨ so happy
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