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  1. Aunt Loretta, I'll appreciate it if you consider re-releasing these past goals or ovens
    Thank you!

    Potion parfait stand
    Patisserie oven
    Garden oven
    Commercial oven
    Jazz oven
    Pirate oven
    Fudge station
    Winter frost oven
    Fall fountain
    Pumpkin stove
    Harvest candy maker
    Palace stove
    Fairy tale oven
    Choco love stove
    French cookie oven
    Winter cider maker
    Frosty freezer
    Frappe fountain
    Santa shop fountain
    Fondue fountain
    Coffee machine
    Tea time oven
    Movie night oven
    Steam oven
    Gelato cart
    Santa shop oven
    Winter frost fountain
    Winter wedding oven
    Frozen banana stand
    Bakesgiving oven
    Old brick oven
    Tea time kettle
    Pastry cart
    Musical drink machine
    Winter oven
    Gourmet soda machine
    Fall oven
    Royal oven
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