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  1. Hi, I was really hoping you would help me with my incredibly frustrating situation. So I was trying to change my Storm8 ID by emailing team lava like the internet told me to when I looked it up and then they sent me an email telling me I had to fill out a request form instead now so I tried doing that, but the submit button turned gray when I tried to pick a topic of my problem. So then I emailed team lava again informing them of this and they sent me back a bunch of weird confusing things about tickets and telling me that my problem has been resolved (which neither clearly hadn't been, because at this point I now had three problems) and it's just this huge mess and all I wanna do is change my ID. I've been wanting to do this since I started playing 3 years ago but wasn't able to for a similar problem (they never emailed me back with anything helpful and it ended in the same frustrating way this is). PLEASE help me. I'm desperate. Thank you so much
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