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  1. Gaddafi's dead, apparently!!! :O
  2. least you're still here; that's what I was worried about. Meanwhile...I've had a heatwave-.-
  3. Working working and working is where I've been r u Rachael?
  4. Haven't seen you around for a long while; where have you been?
  5. Thanks.
    And, no. Sorry. I play FmS and NcS now.
  6. Oh dear...that happens too often. I hope you can resolve/compromise soon.
    I'm very good, thanks. I've hit 2,000 posts!!! too, so I'm pleased about that.
  7. I'm ok Rachael. Just having some family issues. Helping out a cousin in trouble. Takies up my play time lol. How's by you?
  8. Hello! Not seen you around for a little while. How are you?
  9. Oops
    Thanks, cleared it.
  10. Clear your inbox!
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