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  1. Hi Matias!

    Thank you for getting back with me! You seem like a really nice guy! No worries for the late response...mine is later than!

    Enjoy your summer!
  2. Hello! I'm so so sorry for such a late response! I will visit more neighboors from now on, I don't want to lose you either!

    Thanks for the nice words, I hope your nephew is doing great!

    Take care!
  3. Hi Matisa,
    You have been one of my many nbrs for quite a while. I enjoy reading your posts and was very proud when you made level 40. I visit all my nbrs daily. I don't want to lose you as my nbr! It doesn't matter if you visit me, but please help enough of your nbrs, especially low level nbrs, to keep at least one star. I give players with a no star rating a couple of days to get at least one star before deleting them! Wishing you the best in film! My nephew graduated in film August of last year! My name on FFS is Mystical Wonder! Take care!
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