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  1. Thank you, I found the support ID, I posted the question there too��
  2. You support ID number is under settings in your game. Look at the very bottom left hand corner.
    I am not sure if you can enter two different games under one facebook account.
    Post this question on the contest thread and I will try to clarification on this.
  3. What is support ID (mention on jewel mania contest)? Can I use 1 account of FB to enter 2 IDs of jewel mania contest? Because I have 2 devices and both are playing jewel mania.
  4. I you need to contact support, the email is
  5. How do I create support ID?
  6. Hi kooky, the timer for dream is 17 hrs left, I have 17 hrs in the den, if I make it on the nest, i will still get the dream right? I mean I don't want to speed up.
  7. Kooky, can I add u on DS? I'm 4star and active.
  8. go to your sent box and forward your message, then you can add the extra info.
  9. Kooky, sorry to bother you again, I sent the word search 1, but I forgot to put id and fav game, should I resend again or not?
  10. Perfect!!!!.. Yeah!! I deleted your prior two posts on thread . You are entered without everyone seeing all of your pictures. LOL
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