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  1. Its finally all settled and my boar is gone! Thank you so much for all your help!
  2. When you log a ticket use bugs/issues as the category and not game question. They don't answer game questions, but will definitely help with glitches and bugs. Tell them I sent you
  3. When I click on the dire boar it tells me to craft a meat cleaver. There's no option for me to sword swipe. I went through my inventory twice and it wasn't there either. I tried support already and they wouldn't help me, but I'll try them again
  4. Hi, to fix the goal, S8 recently sent out a meat cleaver to all players. What happens when you click on the dire boar? Does it not come up with any of the 3 sword swiping options? You are probably going to get this fixed quicker if you reach out to Support. Have you had fangbeasts before? That's what the meat cleaver was sent out again for. I'm pretty sure you should already have the meat cleaver though if you're up to dire boars. Mine was on the very last inventory page for a long time as you make one around level 10 or so.... let me know how you get on
  5. Hi! I have a blue dire boar in my kingdom now for weeks and it's telling me to go to the kitchen to make a meat cleaver and there's no option for me to make one. Please help me. Am I missing something or is it part of the glitch I've been reading about ? I've been frustrated.
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