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  1. Sync errors are the worst as yes you can lose items. Congratulations on the new phone! I went from an iPad mini to an iPhone 4 (which was so tiny) to my current phone which is an iPhone 8plus. Couldn't love it more! No more squinting at the screen

    Good luck with the remainder of the event. I'm 1 red rainbow fragment away from completing the second last upgrade. Taking it all slowly as I wait on Ivy.
  2. Oh just seen other one. I was past four and at next stage sadly. I just got a new phone that day and it seemed to time out for a few seconds to load after I accepted and the one I had was gone
  3. Ok thank you so much 💓💓 thanks as well for all your forum help your amazing
  4. goal 7 needs 2 rainbow fragments, but you need to make 2 as the first one made is for goal 4.
  5. You do use map fragment 1 in the goal 4, and then you have to make 2 for the next goal... does that make sense? What goal are you on according to what I've written in thread?
  6. Thank you. I already made it, so I should have two and I woke up this morning and it was back to 1. It?s missing
  7. Here's the places to find the first 4 clues:
    Rainbow Fragment 1:
    Find the First Corner (Trawl the Ponds!)
    Find the Second Corner (I think I smell Tomatoes!)
    Find the Third Corner (Check the Cows - but don't tip them!)
    Find the Fourth Corner (Plant in a Log? More like Clue in a log!)

    I've everything written up in the event thread. Keep collecting from Ivy for the red wispies and you'll soon catch up.

    Let me know if you've found them or post in thread so if I'm not around you can still get help.
  8. Hi spirit wind. I?m missing map fragment 1. Must be a glitch. What can I do please? Thanks in advance for help and direction
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