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  1. Thanks! I am on the same coast as you. lol! Have a great rest of your evening and I am sure I'll see ya tomorrow! :-)
  2. Must be an X issue, grrr. Thanks for your info, glad you're not suffering with us! I hope it gets better soon too! I love texting, and earlier it took me 4 minutes to type a message, about 2 sentences long. I almost threw the phone, I was so mad! Ok, I'm off the bed! Have a great day/night/afternoon/evening/time of day for you!
  3. No we don't have any kind of issue like that! My husband has the same phone and no problems either. I actually don't know of anyone with this issue (except you ). Dang I hope it gets fixed for you soon!
  4. I've got to ask this too, but it's off topic for the thread. I have the Droid X, so does my hubby, and a few friends. In the past couple of weeks, a new phone update has been coming out. It's been totaling messing up our phones! I can't type words in anything without major issues, hubby's phone keeps blacking out the screen, etc. Have you and your sister noticed any issues like this? One of our friends works for Verizon, she replaced her phone twice already, but each one was worse then the last, so she went back to the original one. She was told, then told us, wait a few weeks, see if it sorts itself out.
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