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  1. Hi PM,

    That I can

    You have a good one too.
  2. Hi Deadpixel,
    I see we're on opposite sides of this issue. Can we agree to disagree?
    I believe you are a sincere, honest player who has been very good to me and does a lot to support the forum.
    I enjoy your posts and efforts to boost moral. You are generous with your time & knowledge, and we appreciate you.
    Wishing you a pleasant weekend😊
  3. ?those who believe they are spending big money are sadly naive.
    Kudos to well meaning players exposing the problem & stating the obvious.?

    *sigh* I?m sorry you think so. There are more serious issues at large then a small handful of rogue players exploiting a loophole.

    I?ve had post deleted within minutes of their postings and have been banned, without warning, for posts that would supposedly incite undesired discussions. If what these clowns are doing were viewed as serious and the developers wished to hush things up, why do they close the thread and leave it in place, allowing others to know of the existence of the exploit?
  4. The 10x Food Boost will come in handy when you need food in a hurry, or if you are trying to boost your score during the leaderboard events and are not ill disposed to spending a little gold
    Good to hear that you’re almost done with the crafting of Viola. You’ll still have a chance at reaching the 2nd Individual Dragon Prize.
  5. Thank you, I have a Neo Supreme at level 10 of 11 so it would be for essence trade. The space issue has me wondering if I should go crazy and take food😊 Sorry if it was covered in a thread. I looked for about 15 min & gave up.
    I'm a few hours away from crafting Viola. I got another Music from last breeding. Must be my turn to struggle with the necessary common.
    Thanks again!
  6. Hi PM,

    Yep, Neo Supreme is not tradable

    See this thread Side Quest: Ruler of All - Apr 23 2019

    That being said, there’s no telling whether it might be made tradable in the future, several other non-tradable dragons were made tradable over time. So perhaps you might consider crafting one and waiting to see if that actually happens? The alternative is either Farm Boosts or Adventure Tickets
  7. Hi Deadpixel, sorry to bother you but I just realized Neo Supreme is not showing any value or option for essence trade. Is that correct?
    Ding dong here put Rainbow Queen on the nest but forgot about the timer for King! I will have time but was trying to keep nests somewhat open for if I ever manage to breed or craft Viola. My juggling skills need honing!
    Hope your weekend is going well and thanks for all you do on this forum,
    Much appreciated!
  8. Glad I was able to help

    As to the reason the thread was shut down, it was because it brought awareness to a loophole, known as an "exploit" in computer terms. These exploits are often known by only a handful of players, and even the developers may not be aware of its existence, as Elsa mentioned, hence talking about it would only increase its awareness and result in more players taking advantage of it.
  9. Shut that thread right down - no surprise there!!
    Report on my Diamond breeding:
    I've bred Quetzal and Achilles so far. I used essence a while back to craft Achilles, so I'll have two now. I'm going strong trying with yellow and white for over night. Sometimes I use boosted breeding and some not. Not sure it matters with the Diamond temple?
    Thank you for helping me make the most of my resources, very much appreciated!
  10. Hi PM,

    I believe the poster may be confused about the issues he/she is highlighting. I'm aware of these exploitations, but I don't believe they give these players an advantage in the LB scorings.

    The reason is that I've followed them on their Walls, from when the GLB first started, and am familiar with the way they bump up their scores. It takes a lot of gold and a lot of effort to get their scores to their levels. If you're interested, here's a part of the procedure.

    1. Make sure you have 10x Farm Boosts won from bingo
    2. Buy a 2x LB Score Boost
    3. Activate a 10x Farm Boost
    4. Start planting Diamond Dates as fast as you can
    5. Speed-complete each farm by spending 1 gold each
    6. Collect from each farm
    7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until the Farm Boosts is down to 30 minutes

    You gain 140 points per 7 gold spent, so by spending $195 (during gold sales), you can gain roughly 150,000 points.

    But seriously, don't try this unless you have deep pockets
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