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  1. Yes exactly re the green and yellow essence. Come back and ask me anything anytime!
  2. So, if I?m following this- there is forest wisp essence (green) and wisp essence (yellow). I was following everyone?s suggestions and just kept getting the wrong essence. I?ll try some of your suggestions below and thanks very much! Was almost ready to quit after lots of years playing this game.
  3. Forest essence comes from Ivy's Hut, Forest wisp, defeated Forest Wisps (spawn from white trillium). With similar names it can get confusing.
  4. Hi, here's the info you need. This is from the Inventory Guide which I update (almost) daily with info and drops and where to find things. Without the gem pets that drop wisp essence (the yellow vials) you need to spawn wisps from cloudberry bushes or chop the big blue Grand Rooted Lillium. The fireflies might be back in the upcoming Black Friday sales and are an excellent source. They're not guaranteed to drop essence but do provide a steady trickle. Hope that helps

    Wisp essence (0/99)
    Info: Used to create Enchanted Lanterns for exploration and is earned from defeating wisps.
    Found: defeating wisps (which spawn from Grand rooted lilium, Cloudberry bushes), wisp (pet), Firefly, Grand Firefly, Enchanted Fawnicorn, Fawnicorn, Wisp, Red Nose Fawnicorn
    Uses: item in Enchanted Lantern craft released during Search for Sabina
  5. Good afternoon! I have asked so many people about how to collect wisp essence to create enchanted lanterns and haven?t heard anything that works. I was able to collect it for a while, but now only get forest wisp essence. All suggestions are appreciated!
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