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  1. Also I just noticed that I mentioned my lower account and what games I did for free gems in the "complete task for gems" thread back in December if that helps any✨
  2. Thx, definitely appreciate it. After 2-3 hrs, I was able to get my old phone on and took pics of my old game pics stored on there. No much, but it does show the screenshots of my IDs from where I was logged into both. Further more, it narrows down the time frame of my last login to that account. February during that valentines event (didn't complete), and another screenshot for one of the free gem offers I was working on. I can also add that I bought gems for that account 1-2 times. The smaller pack. All is extremely appreciated!!
  3. I'll check with Elsa for you in case we can circumvent Support.
  4. That's the problem, all info I have for my secondary account was/is on my old phone which is barely above being scrap. Battery bulging and port issues make getting on the phone the equivalent of a Mission Impossible movie😣😂
    And almost all of the fields on the support ticket are *Required* fields. Because it's been 2-3 months since I have been on that account, I can not answer all those questions. Ugh. Story of my life. This is the exact same reason I had to abandon my first queendom when I came back from sabbatical and start anew with my current one.
    Thx for the reply SW, have a wonderful day ✨
  5. Hi, Without a password your only Avenue is through Support. Just try and give as much info as you can remember. Do you think you could have any screen shots from that account? Will help you to provide your balances. Your ID's are really similar so you should be fine. Good luck!
  6. Hey SW.
    Quick question, is there another way to recover login info for an account without filling out all those "REQUIRED" fields in the support form??
    They are asking things that I can not remember, and have no way of answering as my last log in to my secondary account was over 2mos. ago. The account was created back in Oct. 2017, RogueNation88, and I did link my original account to it via message board for easy search means. Any and all help/advice is always appreciated.
  7. So, if anyone else has this is my ?opinion? that a time limit IS in place and they should file a ticket ASAP. A month of cabbage collections in the wind...sigh.
    Thanks for the advice SW! I?ll keep it in mind for any future issues that arise.
  8. My hubby is also a massive JD fan! His ID in a different forum is a JD ref too I was thinking about Rogue Trooper as your inspiration (my favourite blue man) lol

    Let me know if you need help after you log your ticket. Take care!
  9. Oh and while I just thought I was randomly making up my username, my hubby is a huge judge dredd fan (the original) so I totally could have subconsciously pulled my name from that without realizing🤔 gives me something to ponder while I have my coffee🙃
  10. Okay thanks!
    I do have a barely played lvl 22-23 account on my hubbys phone, but both are iPhones.
    No, when I loaded the game an noticed the space I had placed the carriage was empty. This prompted me to check my inventory as I was thinking another rollback happened. When I couldn?t find it I checked the tent again. The tent was showing the countdown screen you get when you win a prize and I only had 1 cabbage left showing as I used the full 25 to win the prize.
    Today after reading your message on my wall, I check the tent and Bam! The silly carriage is today?s prize. Lol.
    Thanks as always for the help, I?ll go place a ticket with support and see what happens. In truth I would totally take my cabbages back happily as I recall the carriage took up the same space as a building🙄
    Have a wonderful day✨
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