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  1. Hi, hope all is well. What's going with the dragon story album? I'd really like to see this added and it's very disappointing that it's been coming soon for 3 years. Nothing soon about that. Do they need to hire someone who can actually add the code? I just might know someone who could. I don't really understand how Ffs has had it forever and dragon story still can't after 3 years of supposedly working on it. Seems like they said it's coming soon and have now forgotten because it's been so long. Some of us loyal and users are still looking forward to this. Thank you
  2. They are going to finally reopen the mine?
  3. I have already spoken with the team again and they will start planning for expansions. Thanks for your patience.
  4. Hi Shar33,

    I'm sorry about this, but the feedback has been forwarded to the team for more expansions and for the mine to be opened up. As the new year just started, the design and engineering team will review this. Please note that if it is considered, it will not be an overnight solution. Thank you for your patience.
  5. So you keep asking for mines to be reopened for more land for us and instead the team just keeps on releasing new things that we can't physically get because we have no space? I just don't get it, why us long time loyal players are the ones who suffer and you know and have known. What are we supposed to do? We cannot play anymore because of your company. Uhh, I'm getting so sick of being treated this way
  6. Happy new year. Are team going to be working on adding more land and opening the mine back up now? It's desperately needed now
  7. Hi. Are you still asking about opening to mine for land for us? Another really nice habitat. How more habitats are going to be released with no land? This is really beyond crazy. Uhh 😔
  8. Well hopefully the beginning of next year because at the rate they keep releasing new habitats that's still too far away. People can't even move or add anything. I really hope it's mining expansions next it's been well over 2 years on them. I appreciate you getting back to me and for keep asking.
  9. Hi Shar33!

    I understand players need more land, but I've shared the feedback every week, especially with each new habitat I know that is coming out. For sure this year, there will be no new expansions. Expansions will be considered next year.
  10. I thought you going to really try and help us? 😢. Another event with habitat. We need land, we need that mine open. The old school players have no room to do anything. Please
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