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  1. hey ,
    Video's for gems icon comes and go. Just like other offers on gems items on S8. Don't worry the Videos for gems is gonna appear back on your game soon.
    Happens wimme always.

    Hope this could help!
  2. Sorry silly auto-correct spelled your name wrong Juey. Hope it didn't go thru wrong again lol.
  3. Hey Jury, I'm Gina. I have a question(more like a problem lol) thought you might give me some direction on...4 days ago I bought gems for the 1st time since starting back in July & now my video watching to earn gems is no longer there & I'm level 88 & have never had this happen. I msg'd S8 but their reply was 'No one is available to answer your question, visit forum's. I was planning on buying more gems but I'm so dissapointed in S8's lack of player consideration. Any ideas or suggestions dear?
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