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  1. Hi! It's called the 'Jazz Band' in Restaurant Story - and yes, you're right, I posted quite a bit about it back in the day

    It was originally released in Restaurant Story as a Bundle Exclusive back in February 2015, which at the time was a collection of objects iOS players could buy in-game for a select number of gems. I really wanted to be able to buy it separately as I play on Android. Thankfully it has since been released as a freestanding object in a couple of sales at least

    Hope that helped!
  2. Hello Pixiegamer (this is nothing too important) - I am not sure if you read replies on your wall on the forum, but if you do;

    Do you remember "The Headliners" on Bakery Story? There's one on Restaurant Story that looks exactly the same to it.

    I was asking you because I believe you said something about it - but I cannot remember the name to it or the thread to pull it up.

    I'm sorry if this is a bit confusing - but if you read replies, I would like some help, please
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