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  1. Ha ha, but they want red, yellow, green, blue and purple!
  2. Seals and dolphins are adorable btw! See you could do any dragon in the place with skills like that!
  3. Lol! This one was started and wanted to finish it first. One problem, how do I make zebra from base colors?
  4. I would like to be able to do really realistic fantasy, like those black and white drawings someone put in the dragon art thread, maybe someday. I also can't believe how great the digital art people post is! But I have to be able to touch what I'm doing, I think.
  5. Oh thank you! Never tried oil, I like acrylic because it dries fast! Lol but really I can only do stuff like that with the other picture right there, not out of my head. So it's more like freehand copying than real art..haha
  6. Tried to answer in pm, but you full.
    Yes but it's just acrylic.. There was a photo in a magazine, years ago, that I sketched then painted it.
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