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  1. Oh thanks Pinkster...I'll be a gr8 nbr for ya
  2. Yes, you can add me on farm.
  3. Do you want to be neighbors on FS. I can understand if you would not want to be because you have a lot of neighbors already. I admire your farm... have a good day...

    P.S. I think u already know but i am Lavalete
  4. Good night
  5. Goodnight Pinkster
  6. I agree those trees are ugly looking...
  7. Most of my farm stuff is in storage because I'm trying to master the ugly avocado trees.
  8. I am Lavalete... i dont know why i called it that... i guess i just liked it...i have that same name in all of the games
  9. What's your farm name?
  10. Watered your awesome farm Pinkster
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