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  1. It has slowed right down my dragon are flying so slow. Its taking forever for it to move to next thing. I've tried upgrading it but there is no upgrade. I have no idea why its doing this all of a sudden its been working great for so long. Anybody have an idea what I should do please.
  2. Oh good I am glad you got this resolved.
  3. Its; OK turns out neither one was being supported anymore.
  4. Hey kooky having a problem buying gems every time I click on the gem sale it tell me I am not eligible to do this do you know what might be happening. Please help.
  5. IOS feature that goes out randomly. Not offered to androids at this time.
    Here is a thread on the Spin the wheel
  6. Hi could you tell what this spinnig wheel is that everyone is talking about I don't have and I was wondering if android is getting it or have I missed installing something. In the clockwork thread they are talking about this wheel.
    Thanks kooky
  7. Thanks kooky
  8. There is not an option to restart the games . The games do get updates and new goals. Some games get more updates and goals than other games.
    I do not get any advance notice of upcoming things that will be coming to the games.
    When I am playing and waiting on new things, I spend my time collecting coins and do like you do, I return gifts and help my neighbors.
    If I get totally bored with a game, then I make a decision if I will keep playing or quit that game and maybe go try one of the other games.
  9. Could you tell me how to star these games all over again I have no goals left to do other then on dragon story and I am bored with them now so I thought if I started all over again as a new player maybe we will get some new updates from team lava. By the time I get up as far as I am now. Or do you know whether or not they are bring out some new updates soon. You know adding on to the games we have. Fashion story bakery story restaurant story monster story. Something to work towards. If not then I think as much as I enjoy playing the games I will uninstall them. There is no use playing them if there is nothing to work towards. The goals make the games more interesting. The only reason I play now is so I can still gift and help out my friends. These games a great they take up time but I love playing them. But it is no fun with no goals.
  10. Thank you kooky got all fixed now
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