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  1. I got a Diamond Dragon for my birthday though! Best present ever xD
  2. Your welcome! I'm pretty sure that your birthday will be better if the limited dragons come back! LOL But seriously I really want them back and TL is good in the game to make it worse... Just great that I don't have a Forestfire Dragon and that was one of my favorites and it is now impossible to get one-IT SHOULD RETURN LIKE DragonVale!
  3. Thanks kalika8998!
  4. Happy Birthday Arfan!
  5. 20% will quit
    80% will continue on
  6. What would you do if those dragons do NOT come back?
  7. Well same as me
    I would really like Boo and Turkey to return
  8. No problem! Only if you would insult, blame, impersonate, or ignore me for too long I would not be your friend. I am currently asking about limited dragons, in DragonVale and Dragon City various dragons came back and that must happen here! If they don't, this game will be extremely boring to me and stop playing DS!
  9. I didn't even see or notice the post with the badword :P
    Still friends In forums?
  10. Because I go to the forums in iPod touch, I was writing something for you but it loaded that I may use a bad word so because of it it sended a very rude message and I accidentally duplicated the same message and I needed some edit. Hope you still be my friend...
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