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  1. NO THANKS MMFE Malas Mahu Fikir English....x kena ban ker???
  2. =.=
    Then why are you speaking Malay? Lol
    Accepting invite
    Thanks for accepting friend request (forum)
  3. don't speak malay!! Forum rules lol....your name just likes malay name...dah invite ko fb hensem gak ko :P
  4. apa menda yang ko tgh cakap ni?
    Of course I have FB -->
  5. (Name tuh xde mat saleh buat tuh) have fb???
  6. Yes! I am Malasyian How did you know!
    Really loved RS and BS since 2011 I think I started playing
    Now only playing DS,Kingdom Clash,HDS and FS2
  7. Lol all is long time ago :P ....why you don't play bakery story it best....are you malaysian??
  8. Sorry! I played it a long time ago but I also quit a long time ago too since Dragon Story was released lol
  9. Hye do you play bakery story
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