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  1. Ok
    I have became an Executive Chef!
  2. Go to this forum and click the last
  3. LOL! Only 1 year older than me
    What do you mean? Executive Chef? How will I be it?
  4. 14 huhuhuhu...did you ever know you will be axecutive chef (hope I write correctly)
  5. How old are you then? :P
  6. please dont talk out of my topic!!! :P terlalu muda bagiku T-T
  7. I am 13 years old
    Read the Forum Rules and Policies! =.=

    Don't spam my FB lol
  8. are you true???brpe umur#budakhensemlahsangat
  9. and speaking other language is NOT against the forum rules
  10. I was ban once! Let's not talk about ban
    This is against the forum rule "Discussing Disciplinary Action"
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