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  1. Hello Arfan! Read another PM about "something"! A surprise! LOL
  2. I'll tell my name on FB on a PM later .
  3. Have you added me on FB?
    Waited so long for u to reply either on VM or PM
    What's your FB name?
  4. Same! High 5 xD
    I'm getting bored already with the game though :/
  5. OK! I loved limited dragons since the first regular dragon became limited. Obviously, no seasonal dragons turned limited with no warning, right? PS: If I would be TL, I would bring back all the dragons that go on limited time and never remove them! LOL
  6. I will PM you my FB link
    I got Forestfire but I would really like the dragon to be in the market
  7. Yes I have a Facebook account. However do you want the Forestfire to come back? I really need him. In my older bro's account (Storm8 ID toaster321), he has a lot of Diamond Type Dragons and very Rare dragons but his collection is incomplete with SOME SIMPLE DRAGONS THAT ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! So mad......
  8. Well! I really want Ice Cream,Mermaid and Seabreeze to stay! I already got Forestfire
    You have Facebook?
  9. According to the Forum Disputes, TL necessarily doesn't remove dragons forever. They said they may come back periodically for a limited time. Well, still want Forestfire and the other Gold Type Dragons back! LOL
  10. Cool!
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