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  1. i was excited about the ice cream.
    yup anything that drops energy (crops, wizard schools, etc) count. i just started What Storms May Come quest and its coin expensive. so even though i had everything i needed for this event (except for ivy & tabloids for the fairie) last wednesday, i have been using all my energy collecting coins.
    i gave up on the bloodhound too. 200 tabloids is only 8 collections so you should be fine
  2. Lol, the ice cream bowl!!
    You're adorable!!
    I think it's a good sign for the next event, did you see Pop Up?
    Yummy Ice Cream Ali & more!
    Yes, thank you so much for explaining everything. So wizard school will add on okay?
    It looks like any energy you get back from things like harvesting crops will count as well.
    I'm not sure I can leave my collecting alone🙈
    Hope I can finish the event, I need about 200 more papers & 6 faeries for the Paparazzi gnome. Gave up on the bloodhound...
    Thanks again!
  3. Hi Shortsanzr,
    I was hoping you could set me straight on Castle Story energy?
    I am maxed at 40 but if I tap an Ali that gives me 50 I can have 90 but will not get any energy every 3 minutes like usual. I would like to know how to store energy. I see some people start events with like a 1,000 plus energy and I don't get it!?🙈
    Sorry to bother you, hope your weekend is nice!
  4. as you can tell yes it was tales. i haven't bred the needed one. but i am glad it isn't anything that is red and white.
    i typically don't do any battles during tales becuase when i get to those tasks, i can't do it.
    sorry for the late reply=i never got the notification that i had a msg
  5. Wanted to congratulate you on winning your first tournament!!!
    It is no easy feat, that's for sure.
    Your trophy dragon, once fed up a bit should be good in battle.😊
    I appreciate your posts and help on the forum. So if I'm keeping track correctly, it's Tales coming up?!
    I foresee myself on the 'breed a common for Tales' thread soon-lol. Praying it's not any color plus white.
    Have a great week!
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