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  1. New contest in group

    Join and enter
    I'm hoping to bring the group back
  2. your welcome
  3. Okay thanks
  4. I am not the typicial girls like girl who cares that lot about fashion and stuff, sure i like to styl my nails from time to time, but i dont go with fasion i wear what i like, but why not so i?ll guess i give it a try.
  5. Rainbows cool.
    I never thought about rainbow when I did my settings.

    You should try that! I'll check it out later to see if it looks good.

    Do you want to join my group called the all girls guide?
  6. Me too, its seems we have that in common, but i also like colourfoul and strong colours and rainbow colours, what about you do you like rainbow colors or not?

    Greetings Celestias Heaven
  7. Thank you!
    I love when colors are themed.
  8. what a nice pink layout and background i really like it.
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