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  1. hi
    I was wondering why I see a blacked out square with an x in the current update thread- does anyone else see them the same way, even when I'm signed in
    I used fluffybutter007 photos in the Castle story Goal thread after processed thru photobucket- and these I see whether I'm signed in our not.
    would really like to understand this
  2. should be PM, sorry
  3. hi maguar

    the new photobucket just confuses the heck out of me

  4. I've still got more work on it. Glad they think it's ace
  5. btw
    love how your spreadsheets with pics looks.
    showed my family over the Holidays and the kids all think your Ace
    whatever that means. lol
  6. thanks, appreciated
    sorry, i will remember to name the thread next time.
  7. Work edit out.ive removed it so it can get deleted
  8. Which thread?
  9. hi maguar

    i double posted in Bakery Story - left a message on the thread to delete Post #81
    but think it got lost with other postings

    would you please delete Post #81

    thank you for you time
  10. Nice job on the new goal thread. Love that you've got the dialogue screen shots in. Let me know when you've finished it.

    I'm working on a (currently hidden) picture guide for all items.
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