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  1. Yes! We will be throwing a Divine/Comet party this weekend.

    Thanks very much for the Mask tip! I will have to remember it for when I get lucky enough to breed a Duchess and a Troll. Lol

    Good luck! I hope you get a Nightelf!
  2. Thank you blackeneddove! Mask was a neon/divine fail with Troll and Watermelon. I saw ur list of missing dragons on the forum. I am only level 146 and missing a LOT of dragons...but I don't mind is neon/divine and siamese / archangel I have been persuing...without much luck obviously...just put dutchess and mask and got 14 hrs...and got something new..hope it is nightelf !!

    Good luck to you the your island name something castle?
  3. You are very lucky to have the mask dragon! (Do you remember how you bred it?? lol)

    I used to do that same thing. I would always make sure I had all the colors present to get a divine. You could always try to get a plum blossom with Charisma and Quetzal (if you have a Charisma)

    I was also very nervous about adding the white color in with neverending - I was worried about Pegasus and Cupcake fails, but something in me just said neverending & plum blossom was the right combo for my island. I'm so glad that it was finally the one!

    Good luck Jagarjag! I hope you find your magic combo and get one soon
  4. Thank you so much for ur reply. I don't have plum can't copy your combo. I have tried every possible combination of black, green and pink that i have..aiming for neon and Divine simultaneously...even when i try to breed something else, i try to have those colours in the mix...but nada so far....not even any mentionable fail....I have been using mask+ quetzal mostly.....i have spent so many golds in speeding up, specially during the boosted breeding weekends that I could actually have bought both neon and Divine..... very happy for you .....congrats again and thanks for the reply.
  5. Hi Jagarjag! I accidentally replied to your message under my profile wall. Sorry about that! It's tricky using the forums on the phone sometimes because it doesn't pull up as the full site and some features are missing I had to enable full site just to find you. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I wrote a response there, but the short of it is I used neverending and plum blossom. Good luck on getting the divine!
  6. Hi. I saw you got a divine. Heartiest congratulations. I myself am trying for this beauty (and neon) for the last 6 months. What combo did u use???? Good to see some one breeding divine. With so many bugs floating in the game, I was starting to fear that somehow they were unbreedable!! ...ah well...some of these days...
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