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  1. You did not just ask me that -.-
  2. who are you again?
  3. oh my gosh, now that I haven't been visiting your profile anymore, you actually got yourself a second friend? :'(( I can't believe it, I thought I was special DDD:
  4. lmao, same goes for me! I would never have thought to find you out of all people here, lol. Thanks for adding me, I feel honored 
  5. wow, i would've never expected to meet you here! so random, lmao! just added you as a friend and it's a pleasure to me to call you my 1st one, LOL 
  6. yes it's me, the ever so famous hot soup please add me, i want to be your first friend 
  7. hot soup? is it you? 
  8. hot soup? 
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