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  1. Thanks, I will say that's around 301,000.
  2. Level 32

    Sorry forgot to check the exact xp just before this. All I can say is I served mocha frappe and I levelled up.. apart from that I was only using the mixer which doesn't give xp.. so it was mocha frappe alone..
  3. Level 31 almost completed.. will post again when it goes to 32..

    Edit: 301008 and still on level 31..
  4. Hey
    I've searched around but can't find any info on XP Levels past 30, nor am I there myself if you have any info, let me know and I'll try to get the charts updated.
  5. Hi, could you please update the bs 2 game guide in respect of the levelling up xp points from level 30 onwards.. if information is available..
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