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  1. Lol, I was in florida. I came back on saturday. the temperature was good, on wed and thurs it was cloudy, but I didn't mind, I don't like getting tanned. Doesn't look good on me, not my thing. Went to the beach, Walt disney World, shopped, and all that. Where exactly is Minnesota (sp) besides the fact its in the US.
  2. You're in Florida?! How's the temperature?! Lol im in Minnesota for a clinic program!
  3. No prob. You're from Florida right? Guess where I am right now.
  4. thank you so muchh
  5. Happy Birthday!!!

    Wow, your B-day is so close to mine. Love youu.
  6. Miss talking to you.
  7. Oh, sorry.

    Um, well fashion is so boring now, baker yis ok, but hate the raised brices. Atm Monster. I like dragon better but I don't like starting a new game late, so I just sticked with Monster. I'm obssessed with it now. HBu?
  8. Um. I don't play fashion at all anymore x___x

    lol so um what's your favorite game atm
  9. That's good to hear. And aww, I feel so honored being a special nbr. I was playing HDS for a while, just for the free gems. I like it, but not financially. So I deleted it. I knew you played that, wish I can add you somewhere else too. Not playing on bakery much? Fashion?
  10. Oh I only have 4 neighbors, haha, don't worry about it!
    And congrats on your nest?! Lol
    Ugh I hate hmwk :/

    School is fin!! Haha x)
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