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  1. Hi Merry! You should take the plunge! In order to vote you have to be logged into the forum and if you're using a mobile device, you have to change the way you look at the forum and go into Full Site mode which is an option that sits down towards the bottom of the screen. The polls sit at the top of any page when you're in the thread that has the poll. I'm not sure how you reset your phone back to the 'normal/other' view though, but I can ask the community or google it. I don't use my iphone for the forum as I can't navigate it or edit/move/add things easy (text is too tiny in full mode) so I usually do those things on the PC or my ipad. Much easier to use the forum on a PC if you have one. Hope that helps!
  2. Hello SpiritWind, I have been a reader of the Castle Story forum for about 2 years now, but never posted. I would like to vote in the polls you add at the end of events, but I cannot find them. Can you tell me where to look? Thank you, Merry 😊
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