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  1. Thank you!
  2. I've passed over the info to S8. Just to let you know, I am not an employee, I'm a volunteer to assist players here on the forum, so unfortunately I can't answer why things are how they are for games or comms. I'll let you know if I hear anything further though
  3. Also sorry for sending the messages separately rather than in one bubble, I wasn?t able to send the messages together.
  4. I would really hope these ideas will be in the works because to me there are MANY, many users that play this game and put their hearts into it (and ALOT of money into it too) and are sad to see no improvements.

    One more thing: Why is the only way to communicate to you guys on this website Bulletin? I don?t have anything against it, but I would highly suggest creating a discord server, it?s easier to chat on, and many other game communities are on there.

    I threw a lot in this message, but I do hope I hear back from you. Thanks!
  5. I was hoping you would consider the following for Fashion Story:
    -Fixing the screens for iPhone X users with newer apple phones that have full screens
    -The shops (like mine) that have expanded boutique to the max (35-38 expansion) when you zoom out all the way, the field is black with bushes only showing rather than green grass
    -Being able to block players that spam walls
    -Being able to log in with STORM8ID from Fashion Story app rather than from Bakery Story app which can be a hassle at times
    -and lastly, maybe make new displays and goals? It used to be a lot of fun doing them and I now don?t get any other than the ones having to do with your other games to download and earn gems from them.
  6. I did want to mention what I was hoping would get fixed, feedback about game and etc. (Fashion Story)

    First off, I know Storm8studios has many games that are a lot more popular than fashion story, but I think since they?re more profitable, doesn?t mean you guys do nothing about the less profitable games.
    For instance, Bakery Story constantly gets new goals, new displays based on season and non season, and you can log in with ur STORM8ID in the app. I love Bakery Story, but it has been since 2017 since I?ve seen last Fashion story updates. The game has seemed to be abandoned for years now.
  7. Ok! Looking forward to hearing back from you.
  8. Hi, I am happy to check on this for you and the players.
  9. Hi SpiritWind00,
    I wanted to touch base about the post I wrote on regarding fashion story? I?m glad you were able to process the Black Friday limited time items/sales, but I wanted to know wether there are improvements and bug fixes to the game in the future. Please get back to me when you can, thanks!
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