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    Since I have 18 GPDs, I can, should I tighten my belt, save 800 pieces of gold over ten days, and spending 700 gold in the manner described above, I would bump up my score by 14,000. And that's just the tip of the iceberg that is the "trick" the Synchronizers use. Add in the use of the Breeding, Hatching, and Evolving Boosts, and you'll find your LB points jumping up even more. However, as I've mentioned many times in the forum, a lot of gold, and in the case of those 1st-placers, money, has to be spent, not to mention effort, hence the relaxed attitude by the developers

    FFS seems to have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. I'm now at the stage where I'm merely playing for food and fooling around in the Arena and Colosseum where I think that I may have stumbled onto something. Let me know if you'd like to try it and I'll describe it in greater length; it's 100% legit, no loophole or dishonest actions involved
  2. Estimates back in 2012 put the number of DS players at well over 3 million; I kid you not

    For the placing on DS' GLB, I pick a prize level that I'm comfortable with and play to barely get into it by a nose so I won't use too many resources. To get into the 50-100 placing, I have to spend the gold that I accumulate from my GPDs together with several 10x Farm Boosts. The trick here is that I would activate a boost, which would give me one hour of 10x speed boost for my farms. In the first 30 minutes of the speed-up, each Diamond Date farm plot I have can be sped up with one piece of gold instead of the usual 10. So, with seven plots, this gives me 70 LB points for just seven gold spent; and if the LB Booster is on, this action doubles the points I get to 140.

    (continued in next message...)
  3. Google Translate can be a Godsend sometimes and a nightmare at other times. Yes, if they would all sync at a lower amount, that would be awesome.

    I remember you said you always try to place in the top 100 for the 250,000 food, but I can never afford to get that high. I'm pretty impressed that I actually reached 144 at one point this leaderboard, but it doesn't make much difference because I'll still only get the 100,000 food. Oh well. On one account I actually blew through 300,000 food, which is kind of silly when I know I won't win that much back, but it felt good to raise up some of my dragons that I wanted to raise instead of just ones S8 tells me to raise. Even at #144 globally, I'm still only at number 4 locally. *sigh* Do you have any guesstimate as to how many total players there are?

    On FS, I might do some speed breeding on one account to get that bloody horse. I'm such a sucker for cute things and pretty things. Lol!
  4. I replied to a post by Angel using Chinese. Just to let you know, the post actually means:

    You have been struggling (with the group). I hope you will not be discouraged by OUR pig-headedness, quarrels, and fights.
    I hope you are able to find a way to persuade the high-scorers to lower their syncing points for us.

    Google and Bing translators did a hash job of translating those words and made it look like my purpose was to insult the others. But I may not want to publicly translate it. More fun perhaps? LOL
  5. Sorry, I haven't quite figured it out yet. Both FFS and DS are going with the Mythical Creatures theme and even the combination for the DS dragon threw me for a loop
  6. Hi! Do you know how to breed the new animal in FFS? Thanks!
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