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  1. cheers! All added Do you have Greta, the green werewolf with flowers on it? It was an event item a while back and it drops earthen beams and blocks about 1 a week or so. If you do it will help with upgrading anything to those 8 and 9 levels. Thanks again, really appreciate the info.
  2. Sent links via PM
  3. Forgot to send you the RP and coins. The RP will go to 84 (which you have). Coins will go from 421 to 436. You have coins listed at 336 but I just collected from my level 8 and it gave me 421 coins.
  4. And finally, to upgrade the Gingerbread Spire to level 9, you need:

    4 Earthen Blocks
    4 Earthen Beams
    10 Golden Nuggets
    40 Jewels
  5. Thank you! I've added the info to the BG.
  6. Okay to upgrade a Gingerbread Spire to level 8:

    2 Earthen Beams
    2 Earthen Blocks
    7 Golden Nuggets
    20 Jewels

    Gold will go from 405 to 421 and Royal Points will go from 78 to 81.
  7. I am also slowly upgrading my Gingerbread Spire and will send you the requirements for Levels 8 and 9 when I get there.
  8. oh perfect! Thank you so much! I'll just add the info to the guide.
  9. Hi SpiritWind, I noticed that you don?t have the requirements for upgrading Windmills to Level 7. One of mine is at Level 6 and to upgrade to Level 7 it needs:

    5 Spellbound Beams
    5 Spellbound Blocks
    70 Hide
    70 Wool

    The collection will go from 1140 to 1214 every 16 hours.

    Would you like me to send me a screenshot?
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