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  1. I meant my aunt's husband
  2. 你好! Well me too! Funny thing, in my school I have learned mandarin, in writing and speaking, but mostly in writing, but the point is my school want me to speak mandarin (Chinese), it's more confusing if learn them at the same time! It should be they teach us to speak first

    My uncle can speak Chinese, but can't write anything..
  3. 你好 henry! i have problems writing in chinese but in speaking i'm not too bad :b it's nice to have someone with the same nationality here!
  4. Yes, both my parents too. I said I'm Indonesian because I born and live in Indonesia
  5. both of my parents are chinese but i live in europe! so yeah, it's kinda the same xD
  6. I'm Indonesian, but have Chinese blood, I don't know How to say that, but here, the real/genuine Indonesian people called us Chinese people >.<

    Do you same like me? Chinese blood, but born and live in another country..
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