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  1. Pls what can I do ? Very angry as when I went to pressed GO to get grub tree the game froze for a sec n shut down . When I open again there was this cluster thingy which has nothing to do with the game and 50 gems where gone. I did not buy such a thing as gems r expensive to buy can't afford to be spoilt on garbage items.
  2. Thanks I noticed that the game evolved very differently then when it was under team lava to which I really enjoyed. Pity I can't get back my account I recall the beast statues where just launched n other stuff that now I need gems to have them.
  3. Just let it sit in your book for now. You could probably get to goal 6 but then you're likely to be stuck. To finish all main story goals you're looking at around 2 years solid play. This is a long term strategic game first and once you start getting sidetracked with events it pushes out the time it will take to get through everything. This isn't a passive game either so in the end you need to consider if you want to invest the time and energy. You need to do what is going to work for you.

    I started playing only a month or so after it first came out and have only missed a handful of days in all that time. It's not the same as it was yeas ago and much harder to start now I think. But for me it's worth it! Have a great day
  4. Pls I recieved the hidden forest part 1 quest and I'm still level 26 where it requires items I don't even reach yet. I've been investigating posts n it seems that this is a level 45 n over quest. It seems storm 8 wants me to delete this game as it far to much now.
  5. If that's not the goal you're up to then Support will be able to assist. The first few pages of the discussion thread has a couple of posts with issues but they turned out not to be bugs.
  6. Not a bug unfortunately. The game asked for one to be made in goal 5. The next step is complete a trade in the exchange, the trade requires 2 of each clothing items. So you'll have enough camises but need one more hat and pair of shoes.
  7. Thank you so much. Pls during a crush down of the game I had collected from tailor the ornate camise now in my inventory but quest did not register so I can't continue. Is this a ticket issue or can it be solved differently,?
  8. Lower is up to around 30: mid is to 45 and high is 46+
    And if there are only 2 tiers then it's around level 35/40.
    It's only an estimate though on levels.
  9. Pls at which level is a game considered lower or higher lever as I can't understand this in forum chats.
  10. cont'd
    Drop by anytime! iOS definitely has some advantages over android, and apple brands can be a bit expensive compared to android brands. I have an iphone 8plus and it's brilliant. I use it for alot more things than Castle though! Hopefully with a few adjustments the crashing will stop. There is a thread dedicated to troubleshooting, but I'll link it here for you:
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