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  1. nah, just sooooooo optimistic and naive ...:-)
  2. I know, it was ridiculous of me to even ask.
  3. LOL, I'm laughing .... you want to know what is getting removed and when? Wow not going to happen. Oh well except the limited time pink house. :-)
  4. Or like the ones that ask you to add them and when I go back and ask if they play daily etc they never answer....LOL
  5. Glad to know I'm not the only strange one out there expecting a note. :-)
  6. Yeah, but wouldn't they leave a note? Hmm, at least I would and do. Yes, they are usually up to a level 40 and ha with less than 2 stars too.
  7. How many invites you get a day due to the forum - it's funny I get 2 or 3 a day, they don't water, don't leave a note, just send you an invite. Just curious.

    Glad you got the bridge, because at least I got to see how little it is.
  8. hope so, here - in states it is ridiculously controlled by some of the wireless companies. but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. Motorolla Droid 4, cause I love keyboard. Had the Droid 2 before and got hooked. But I got that phone because I could take it when travelling to Czech and with SIM card use it there. LOL.

    Hmm, yeah, so I may need to wait for them to update the system, which they suppose to do and release something this year. Thought about rooting it too, but am not sure how and how safe it is. Heard some horror storied.
  10. Only the black little thingies - not the real yellow smiley faces etc. But it is still weird that I cannot see even the squares just blank messages.
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