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  1. Kooky your avatar is always so beautiful, thank you very much
  2. Happy New Year to you!!
  3. Happy new year Kooky Pand and have fun with your dog and good health
  4. Kooky your account is again beautifully creepy
  5. Hi Kooky's Tie Dye to breed yet?
  6. Thank-you!
  7. Hi Kooky Panda Thank you for your great work in the forum
  8. Hello kooky panda, you can insert the photo of Meowmeowbeans:
    The prize that you receive from the Olympus World Event is The Shrine Of Olympus, which can be upgraded to the Temple of Olympus. The Temple of Olympus is also available for exchange in the market. The Shrine of Olympus holds two dragons, while the Temple of Olympus holds three. Hope that clears things up!
    with in 1 page. Thank you
  9. Found an answer for you.
    You get 1 bomb for every 4 hours. Mummy is 24 hours so divided by 24 hours you will get 6 bombs. I think the extra bombs will carry over to the next dragon you evolve.
  10. start a thread under bugs and feedback and let me know when you do and I will report it over.
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