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  1. August 24, 2019
    I'm still awaiting a response & the more I miss on tasks due to lack of notifications the more agitated I get. Would someone PLEASE reply to this so I dont lose any more dishes or tasks.

    I sent the below message to Storm8 for help & they claim they don't assist individual issues. I should also mention that I am using the Original apps as I'm uncertain of the most recent version names.
    Please help; I'm very frustrated & disappointed with this, as yet, unresolved issue. Thank you in advance for your assistance Walt


    Aug 22, 8:01 AM PDT

    On Bakery & Restaurant Story I am not receiving any notification. I have both set to notify when food is ready. Both apps are up to date but notifications arent appearing. I play both games on my phone & my tablet.This has been ongoing for roughly a week. Please fix this issue as I'm losing food & have missed a few goals due to the issue
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