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  1. You read correctly. I like strawberry body body, but not strawberries to eat. From anywhere. Not the fruit, not jam, not pie, not dipped in chocolate, nothing.
  2. Did I read correctly that you don't like strawberries? How??? Where are you getting them from?

    You'll have to come up with a new sign!
  4. Check the whatever thread......
  5. Actually I think I can work with that one. I'll give it a go
  6. I haven't found one yet, and I'm eating dinner now. I'll check again when I'm done.
  7. I stole it from photobucket. But give me a minute, I'll see if I can find something else.
  8. Is there a way bigger version of that panda trophy? I can't enlarge that one to the size I want without it getting pixely
  9. Come play the new panda game!
  10. That is the only commercial we watch in our house lol. I tend to DVR everything, so I can fast forward. But when I see that one, I stop and watch
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